We understand that many of you have to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold- because of issues like
-  AOL Desktop Gold not working
AOL Gold login errors
                             -  Unexpected error message in AOL Desktop Gold

Reinstall AOL Gold - During Advantage Plan Membership

Desktop Gold Reinstall Steps for Advanced Plan Members

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Your reason to reinstall AOL Gold may vary but the steps to do so- will remain same. So, if you don’t want to commit any mistake during AOL Desktop Gold reinstall then, right away follow these steps:



What to do before AOL Desktop Gold Reinstall?


You might find the steps to reinstall AOL Gold similar to the ones- that you might have followed earlier. But, there are certain things that make this process differ. And, these prerequisites are:


1.  Valid AOL Desktop Gold membership: As the term suggest, if your AOL Desktop gold membership has expired then, you need to renew it first else, AOL Desktop Gold download will continue to generate errors.


2.  Malware Free Setup File: If you are using older AOL Desktop gold setup file to install the program on your device then, think again!! As, this file may be infected by virus or might have got corrupt due to any XYZ reason.


3.  Sufficient Space in Drive: Check the drive space- where you want to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on your device. Compare the space provided with the setup file size. In any case, if AOL Gold setup file is larger than the space of your disk then, create the space FIRST.


4.  Uninstall older AOL Gold: Before you reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on device, don’t forget to uninstall the already installed i.e., older AOL Gold from your computer.



After these tips are followed religiously, go ahead with your further troubleshooting steps.

Steps to Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

1.   Download AOL Desktop gold from a reliable source or your AOL mail account.


2.   Double-click the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.


Note: During AOL Desktop Gold install- you might be asked to provide your AOL Desktop Gold login credentials to confirm your identity.


3.   Once the process completes, launch AOL Desktop gold program on your device.


If you can’t locate AOL Gold, then see how to restore missing AOL Desktop Gold icon on your device.



With this, your process to reinstall AOL Gold completes. In case, you’re still facing issues-please refer reinstall AOL Desktop Gold for more detailed solution.

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